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Convert Your Old VHS Tapes into Shareable, 

HD-Quality, Digital Media. Done in 48 hours!

Call 610-505-8073 to effortlessly transfer 

old VHS tapes to DVD, CD, USB, Cloud, or Laptop Computer

Hurry! Demand for this service is Elevated as of May 10

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Dear VHS tape owner,

The old footage you hold is more than just tape; it's a fragile portal to your most cherished memories.

With each passing day, these irreplaceable memories are at risk.


Every play wears down the delicate magnetic tape of your VHS, potentially erasing your family home videos, weddings, sporting events, images of your loved ones, and special get-togethers forever.


If stored carelessly, these tapes can deteriorate, and the risk of damage escalates each time they’re played through an outdated DVD player.

Not to mention, sharing these moments is nearly impossible with VHS technology vs cloud-based or even DVD.


Why risk losing these precious memories?


Convert them to digital now. Call Tony at 610-505-8073, and preserve them for generations to come.


Your kids and grandkids will thank you :)

Astera Digital Will Safely & Efficiently Transfer 

Your VHS tapes into Modern, Digital Formats.

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At Astera Digital, we understand that your VHS tapes aren't just old recordings; they're cherished windows to your past. 


With advanced technology and meticulous care, we convert your tapes into modern digital formats in 48 hours. 

Whether it’s DVD, CD, USB, or cloud storage, we ensure your memories are preserved with the highest fidelity and safety. 


Our process not only safeguards these irreplaceable memories from physical degradation but also enhances accessibility and shareability.

Over 500+ Successful Conversions Done For Families in PA


We've helped over 500+ people just like you transfer their memories to a more long lasting and accessible format.

Read our 388+ Google Reviews


Hear from some more of our satisfied customers:

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Re-watch memories from 10, 20, even 40 years ago, right on your phone!

Imagine re-living the joy of your childhood birthdays, your high school graduations, or that unforgettable family reunion, all from the convenience of your smartphone.


Our digital conversion service breathes new life into your old tapes, allowing you to revisit those precious moments anywhere and anytime.


The past is never lost; it’s just waiting to be re-watched in HD clarity.

Footage so clear you’ll wish you did it sooner!

With Astera Digital’s superior conversion technology, your old footage will look clearer than you ever remembered.


Every detail is refined, every color is enhanced, and every smile is made brighter.


This isn’t just about preserving memories—it's about experiencing them in a whole new light.


You'll find yourself wishing you had transferred those tapes sooner.

Affordable pricing for a priceless service

We believe that preserving your family history shouldn't come at a prohibitive cost.

But as yourself, what is the cost of losing my memories and never being able to access them again?


Astera Digital VHS conversion service starts at $35.00 USD.


We want to allow as many people as possible to invest in safeguarding their past without breaking the bank.

Lightning Fast 2 Day Turn-Around, Guaranteed Satisfaction

With a turnaround time as fast as 24 hours, and a satisfaction guarantee, there’s no faster or safer way to secure your digital legacies.


We promise not only quick service but a product that will exceed your expectations every time.

So you might be thinking…

You might be wondering about the technical complexities or the risks involved in transferring old tapes...


At Astera Digital, we use state-of-the-art equipment and refined processes to ensure that your tapes are converted safely and efficiently.


Forget the hassle of dealing with untrained store clerks or the risks of mail-in services; our expert team handles every tape with the care it deserves.

Privileges of Working with Tony at Astera Digital

Tony brings not only his deep technical expertise but also a genuine passion for helping customers save and share their cherished moments.


Here’s what makes working with Tony an exceptional experience:

  • Quick Turnaround: Your memories are delivered back to you faster than ever.

  • Great and Reasonable Prices: Get top-quality service without breaking the bank.

  • Professional and Hospitable: Expect a professional yet friendly interaction at every step.

  • Handled with Care: Every tape is treated with the utmost precision and care.

  • Excellent Video Quality: Enjoy superior clarity and quality in every conversion.

  • Attention to Detail: No detail is too small in preserving the accuracy and essence of your memories.

  • Persistence in Problem-Solving: Tony is dedicated to overcoming any challenge to deliver the best results.

How to get started?

Just give us a call at 610-505-8073.


We’ll guide you through the process, from selecting the right format for your needs to arranging the safe transfer of your tapes.


Begin your journey to preserving your past today—effortlessly and securely. Reach out right now, demand is high in the month of May.

We don’t just convert VHS tapes…

At Astera Digital, we don’t just convert VHS tapes...


We breathe new life into every format from 8mm reels to audio cassettes, Betamax tapes, VHS-C, and everything in between.


Let us help you safeguard your history, by converting your old media into modern, digital formats.


Question: How much does it cost to transfer home videos to digital


Answer:  Our fee is $35 per to transfer home videos to digital.

That is based on the length of the video, for example 1 hour of video 

the cost is $35.00.

Question:  How long does it take 


Answer:  for 1-3 tapes,  it takes a couple of days,  if you have more tapes like 4-

- 10 tapes, it takes about a week.

Question:  Do you need to make an appointment.


Answer:  Yes,  I am not always here,  please call or text me Tony Seligson

610-505-8073 to make an appointment.

Question:  Is my studio located in my house.


Answer:  Yes,  I work out of my house,  my address is 

3219 Nottingham Road 

Eagleville, PA 19403,  we are behind the Einstien Hospital on 

germantown pike & whitehall road in Eagleville/ East Norriton, PA 

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